Courses are very popular lately. Folks are on electronic devices for hours. Not only are they socializing with their people online, but they are also learning online too. An ebook is a great companion to a course. Once you add your ebook as a bonus to your course, then you can charge more and add more value to your product. 

Your course needs images too, even if the lessons are in video format. You need kick-ass personal branding images in the presentation for your course. The great thing about creating your course with a presentation is that you look professional, and you don’t seem so awkward when talking to your audience (or yourself if this is an on-demand self-paced course). 

Create a slideshow using Canva, Adobe InDesign, or Crello (I personally LOVE Canva). Remember, you could save yourself a bunch of time by just paying for a nice slide show template on Creative Market.    

The amount of images you need depends on:

✔️How many slides you have (at least 1 image for every other slide)
✔️The topic (some course material requires lots of visuals)
✔️How you want to be viewed. Include at least 2 pics of yourself (intro slide and last slide).
Next week, we'll explore how to get folks to purchase your ebook and online course.