It’s 1:00 am, and instead of sleeping, you’re up Googling, “how to get more clients”. Then you watch all the business hacks on YouTube. Next, you scroll up and down IG, until you feel like you suck (and have carpal tunnel), comparing yourself to others. 

You’re wondering why their business seems to be doing so well, and you’re struggling. There are a ton of reasons why their business is thriving, but there is one technique that you can implement to set you apart from the crowd. Invest in your personal branding visuals. If you want to attract more money and clients, then you have to take your images to the next level. When you look expensive, you attract more clientele and get to raise your prices. Investing in your visuals is a gift to yourself that always gives back. You’re wondering what I mean? 

Branding images can be used in countless ways, but over the next 4 weeks, you are going to learn 4 unique ways to promote your business with branding Photography:

✔️ Share valuable info with an ebook 

✔️ Establish your expertise with a course

✔️ Make sales with the #1 marketing tool

✔️ Increase brand awareness w/ kick-ass pics

Share Value With an Ebook

First on the list: Ebooks. They are a great way to make some passive income and share valuable information. This is the perfect chance for you to stand out because everyone is using stock photos... the SAME stock photos. When you’re an entrepreneur of color, there isn’t much variety in stock images. So that leaves everybody (and their mama), using the same images over and over again. 

Not you though...

You want your ebook to stand out from the rest. That’s what original images accomplish. When done well (book me if you need quality branding images), then your ebook or workbook looks 10 times better than the rest of the ebooks on the market today. 

Your next question is how to create an ebook that people will actually purchase. Head on over to Canva, and browse through their free templates. Word to the wise: before you geek out on all the different designs, colors, and fonts, stay focused on your brand’s theme. Make all your digital products look more professional ( even if you are a novice creating them yourself). 

✔️Use professional branding images

✔️Replace the default colors with your brand’s colors

✔️Add your own fonts

Complete those 3 steps, and your ebook will look damn good! If you want to just bypass the hassle and headache of piecing together a bunch of templates for an ebook, then you would love Creative Market. This is an online marketplace of professional templates that are compatible with Canva and other design software for a range of budgets. 

Now that you know roughly how to create a professional ebook, let’s talk numbers. How many images should you include in your ebook? That depends on a few things…

When deciding how many images to use in your ebook, consider the following:

✔️The length (number of pages)

✔️layout (template design)

✔️word count

 2 keywords to find out how many images you need: balance and space. 

When planning your ebook, you want to make sure that you create balance and visual interest with images. Plan for at least 1 image on each page. Choose images that relate to the words on the respective pages. And one more thing before we move on to the next section. You need a variety of images. For instance, your cover photo has to make an eye-catching statement, while the rest of the images support the text.