table of contents

05 introduction

Welcome to your branding photoshoot guide.

06 personal branding

What is your personal brand?

08 plan

What's your game plan?

10 vibe

What is your business vibe?

13 location

How to choose the location.

16 props

What props to bring.

17 glam

Tips for your look.

18 cheat sheet

Ultimate cheat sheet for your photo session.

Meet alisha nicole

Meet alisha nicole

Welcome to your branding photoshoot guide!

You have a unique style and content that you are excited about sharing with your audience...but you’re still in the process of finding your tribe.

That’s where I come in as your personal branding photographer.

I help business owners and content creators pull together their style, passion, and expertise in a cohesive visual package to appeal to their tribe.


I’m happy to guide you, step by step through the process. Take your brand up a notch with a personal branding photoshoot!

My specialties include Personal Branding Photography, Whole Person Branding, and Social Media Strategy.

In this guide you will learn:

  • What personal branding photography is.
  • How to figure out your own personal branding style.
  • Strategic use of your images.
  • How to communicate your vibe in your images.
  • The secrets to pick unique locations for your photo shoot.
  • What to wear AND what NOT to wear.
  • Exactly what to bring to your shoot. 

You struggle to organize your passions and services into a visually consistent and appealing brand that speaks to your tribe.

You have tried to "D.I.Y" your visual content with selfies and lackluster product shots. But you want a more polished look for your brand.

You are taking a meaningful step today! Finally, you have decided to create a plan that communicates your brand - using images that capture your audience's attention.

This guide is your game plan to help you get all those beautiful ideas and details out of your head and expressed in your brand's visual story.

Start here, by planning your personal brand photoshoot! Not just any photoshoot, but one that represents your style, values, skills, AND makes you STAND OUT!

"Social media may seem like a crowded room, but you stand out above the rest by just being YOU...and that's the secret sauce that no one else has."

Alisha Nicole

What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding Photography allows you to inject your awesomeness into your brand with intention.