“When someone new sees me for the first time, be it on Zoom or in-person, the first thing they say is, 'Your branding is awesome! Who does your photos?' 🔥”

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Case Study: Kelle E. Thorpe - Rebranding A Financial Visionary

Client Overview

Kelle E. Thorpe, the dynamic force behind Assemblage LLC, embarked on a transformative journey with Alisha Nicole to redefine her brand's visual narrative. Known for her strategic prowess in CFO services, Kelle offers entrepreneurs the financial clarity they need to optimize productivity and amplify profits. Her mission? To liberate high-level entrepreneurs from the intricacies of accounting and financial management, enabling them to thrive in their zones of genius.

Project Brief

As Kelle navigated the pivotal process of rebranding, including a name change and refined messaging, she sought to partner with a photographer who could encapsulate her essence—confident, boss-like, and an undisputed expert in business finance. The collaboration aimed to craft a suite of rebranding photos and videos that vibrantly communicate Kelle's expertise and energy, tailored for social media and print branding. This visual overhaul was not just about aesthetics; it was about mirroring the sophistication and sass of her brand and the high-caliber clientele she serves.

Alisha Nicole's Approach

Capturing Kelle's Classy, Sassy, and Bright essence required a unique blend of creativity and strategic planning. Alisha Nicole, known for her vibrant and engaging visual storytelling, dove deep into understanding Kelle's brand ethos and her vision for the future. The project focused on showcasing Kelle not just as a financial guru but as a relatable, dynamic personality who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with her clients, guiding them toward financial excellence.

  1. Location and Atmosphere: Choosing locations that resonated with Kelle's premium service offering while maintaining a grounded, approachable feel was key. Settings were selected for their ability to blend sophistication with a hint of sass, mirroring the designer brands Kelle's clients admire.
  2. Styling: Reflecting the Classy, Sassy, Bright branding words, the styling combined professional chic with touches of personality. Outfits and props were carefully chosen to reflect Kelle's love for designer quality, balanced with practicality and a zest for life.
  3. Photography & Videography Sessions: Through a series of candid, dynamic shoots, Alisha Nicole focused on capturing moments that showcased Kelle's confidence and expertise. Each photo and video clip was crafted to tell a story—of ambition, clarity, and the transformative power of understanding one's financial narrative.
  4. Visual Narrative: The resulting visuals were more than just images; they were declarations of Kelle's brand promise. Vibrant, authentic, and brimming with confidence, they invited viewers into a world where financial management is not a chore but a journey to greater freedom and success.


The rebranding campaign was a resounding success, resonating deeply with Kelle's target audience. Entrepreneurs and business professionals saw in Kelle not only a financial expert but a visionary—one who could guide them beyond numbers to a place of genuine growth and profitability.

  • Engagement: The fresh, captivating visuals sparked increased engagement on social media, drawing in an audience eager to learn more about Kelle's services.
  • Brand Perception: Kelle's brand was now perceived not just as knowledgeable and trusted but as a beacon for those aspiring to elevate their business finances with style and confidence.
  • Business Growth: The visual overhaul supported Kelle's business objectives, from launching a new signature program to increasing her visibility in panel discussions and beyond.


Alisha Nicole's ability to translate Kelle E. Thorpe's aspirations into a compelling visual narrative was instrumental in the successful rebranding of Assemblage LLC. Through this partnership, Kelle's brand emerged not just with a new look but with a rejuvenated spirit, ready to inspire and empower entrepreneurs across the globe.

Client Testimonial: Kelle E. Thorpe's Transformational Journey with Alisha Nicole

"When someone new sees me for the first time, be it on Zoom or in-person, the first thing they say is, 'Your branding is awesome! Who does your photos?' 🔥 Less than a year ago, I knew nothing about 'brand imagery.' That all changed in March 2023 when I met Alisha Hunter. That was the start of what I didn't even know I needed—a rebrand! 💜🧡💙

Alisha immediately began to pay attention to me and my business in ways I hadn't realized were possible. In less than two months, I found myself not only investing way more than I ever imagined in 'photos' but also flying to freaking Detroit for an overnight stay to do so. 🤯 It was BY FAR THE SCARIEST but BEST investment in my business to date! All I had to do was mention 'classy, sassy & bright,' pack my pjs, a change of clothes, and a few trinkets, and arrive in Detroit ready to be greeted by my stylist, makeup artist, assistant, videographer, and more food than I could eat, not to mention parting gifts...and as you all can now see, it was way more than 'photos.'

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