Personal Branding & Retreat Photography

Heyyy, I'm Alisha Nicole

I’m not just your photographer; I’m your hype person, your storyteller, your bestie with a camera. So let's unlock the power of your personal brand with photography that's as vibrant and authentic as you are. From candid laughs to those deep, introspective moments, Imma capture it allllll, making even camera-shy folks feel like they're just vibing with their girl.

What I Do:

Capturing Stories Worldwide

Elevating Personal Brands & Events with a Palette of Global Colors

From the pulsing heart of Detroit to the sun-kissed beaches of Cancun and beyond, my mission is to turn your unique stories into visual masterpieces that resonate worldwide. Whether you're crafting your personal brand from the cozy corners of a café in Paris or leading workshops in the vibrant streets of New Orleans, I'm here to ensure your visuals are as boundless and authentic as your ambition.

As a Detroit personal branding photographer, I'm not just local; I'm global.

Creating Visual Narratives That Cross Borders

Leave the world of stiff, predictable photos behind. With me, it's all about bringing your personal and event stories to life with a touch of global flair, making every photography event in Michigan and beyond a journey across borders. I'm here to capture the laughter, the energy, and the unspoken moments that make your story uniquely yours, no matter the longitude or latitude.

Photography with me is a journey—a journey that celebrates your narrative across continents.

More Than Just a Photoshoot...

It's a Whole Vibe


Picture This:

You and me, anywhere in the world, crafting a visual narrative that's as dope and daring as you are. We're not just picking locations; we're choosing destinations that set your soul on fire, making every personal branding photography session an exploration, an adventure, and a declaration of your brand's global footprint.

Why Ride with I Am Alisha Nicole?

  • Personal branding with an edge - Dive deep into what makes you tick with Detroit personal branding photography services that spotlight the real, no-filter you.

  • Visual storytelling that pops - Because your narrative deserves more than just being told; it needs to be felt and seen.

  • A chill, no-pressure zone - Say goodbye to camera jitters. It’s all good vibes and good times here, making you feel right at home in front of the lens.

  • Visuals that do more than just 'look pretty' - They speak, they resonate, they convert. Elevate your online presence and marketing game with images that tell your story.

Ready to let the world see you in all your glory? Let’s make it happen.